I was rut-stuck, frozen
Through this fucking winter
Like a corpse in Leningrad
To be thawed in the Spring
After a bullet bit of ice
Shattered like a splinter,
It foamed and festered,
And I rethought everything.

Dry-heaving, quaking,
I sat
Against a broken wall.
Realizing, theorizing,
An odium out of Fall.

Bleedin’-out, off-dozin’,
Cold breath on the hinter
Neck tensed, frost-clad,
Infection starts to sting.
Recall in a trice,
Memories to disinter,
Blame to be sequestered:
The bullet came in Spring.

Lodged through each season,
It sat
Until a year came full.
Not moving, just proving
With reason
Nothing good comes from April.



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