You’re from California?

Hop on the gold I-5.

Heading Southbound, just fuckin’ drive.

If you make it to Baja,

That’s not quite far enough.

Ya’ gotta go to Mexico to pull off the bluff.

So your from sweet Chicago?

Head down to O’Hare.

Buy your ass a ticket, destionation:


And while your flyin’

Away on that aeroplane,

Know that in a new city, you won’t have to explain.

Born’n’raised down South?

City of Tallahassee,

Found yourself hitched to some sweet lil’ lassie?

Well, you can sell all your shit, and buy yourself a boat.

Hit the sea – all alone,

For as far as you can float.

Or if you –

Burnt every bridge; back home in Colorado.

You can move to Boston,

And be afraid of your own shadow.

Drown yourself every night in gin and rye,

Just tryin’ to finalize

Your good ol’ fashioned (All-American)

Irish Goodbye

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