O Willow Tree,

These bustling winds

So toss around thy naked braids.

I watch them dance, my mind ascends,

While down my spine, my fear cascades.

This traipse I’ve undertook soon will

Most surely be the death of me,

But first, hold I, some time to kill,

Beneath thee, ancient Willow Tree.

O, bind me, tie me, hold me whole

With ropes of bark and twig and root,

Then read my heart, my mind, my soul,

As if they’re notes for wild flute.

Then play the song so drearily,

That it may reach my deafened ears.

Ignore what I hold near to me,

Instead, explore my darkest fears.

O, Willow Tree! Please help me through

These wretched trials I now face,

And also, must I beg of you,

Hypocrisies of mine, erase.

As strength I found now weighs me down,

Tis my resilience makes me weak.

And in my shallow thoughts I drown,

My breath so full, I cannot speak.

These hands quiver so violently,

Have I no hope to make them move,

Confusion explains what meant thee

In saying how our fear can soothe.

While I, so bogged down in my flight,

To flee from my anxiety,

You showed a road devoid a light,

A perverse path to piety.

As down this trail, onward I walk,

The eyes of all your fellow trees

 Do my every last move so stalk,

I buckle at my shaking knees.

So now the ground doth tear my skin,

And it draws blood from my damp palms.

Though terror in turn rushes in,

This flooding also somehow calms.

And though the demons deep inside

The hollowed alcoves of my heart

Have not quite yet all drowned and died,

They’ve stopped their screams, and that’s a start.

O, Willow Tree! You’ve taught me well,

While walk I through thy eerie park,

Still hope, have I, to outrun hell

As darkness thrives not in the dark.

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