Well Mama always said “Darlin’, sugar makes you sweet”.

And I took that so close to heart, I now have diabetes. 

But I’d rather be violently kind to everyone who meets me 

Than keep both of my feet. 

One thought on “Untitled #20

  1. Um … well, um …. First, maybe you could be “nonviolently kind”? You know, kindness, without the whole aggressiveness thing? Second, maybe there’s a way you could be kind and sort of keep the feet? You know, some sort of happy middle place, you know, with kindness … and feet? These are just thoughts. You know, just some ideas. (By the way, this was supposed to be funny and hopefully will be seen that way. If you actually have diabetes, please accept this sympathy, and the sincerest hope that you have no nerve or any other issue that affects your feet.)


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