She didn’t technically  work on Colfax Avenue,
Because she thought that would be too suspicious;
And unlike the other gals, she didn’t dress in black or blue
Because she wanted to stand out, to be auspicious.
But it didn’t really matter, because the johns didn’t care,
The only thing they wanted was a little lower fare,
And so hope got in the way for pink-dressed Claire.

She had arrived in Denver about a month back,
Thought that going out West would be a change of pace
From the grimy East Coast streets, allies of the back
That had always held her down, and spat in her face.
But to leave New York, she’d have to sell her body like before
As means and methods to get her foot in the door
To move out West, go to school, and not be ashamed anymore.

But that didn’t happen for Claire, not in any shape or form.
Upon landing in the Mountain State, she was struck
By a stalking, a creeping, a back-of-the-neck breathing, damp and warm
Social construct, a necessity saying “Girl, you gotta’ fuck”.
For a single drop of downtrodden dejection spreads like a rash,
And it’s only cured by a surplus of, but also caused by the lack of cash.
It’s a self-perpetuating system that turns people into ash.

Now, I hope you don’t think poorly of her choices,
Because she tried, once in Denver, to set her life straight.
But restaurants don’t want waitresses with scars and charred voices,
And Claire’s constantly baggy eyes suggested she stayed up too late.
So she was forced, by her circumstances, to go back to the streets;
Those long and hollow hallways, which shamefully defeats
The bright eyes of gals like Claire, and slows their heartbeats.

Now even to this day, well, at lease I hope (should I?) that she’s still alive,
You can catch her in her pink dress on a side-street called North Ogden.
If you ever happen to be in Denver, and down East Colfax drive,
Do me a favor; if you see her, and what she’s been bogged in
Don’t pull over and try to pick her up, or “cure” her with a prayer;
Don’t give her pity-pennies, or what shallow gestures you can “spare”.
Instead, simply just to remind her that she’s still human, please smile at Claire.



via Daily Prompt: Pink

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