Jealousy, thou green-eyed fiend,
Why dost thou so love me?
Slowly, as away I’m gleaned,
I see the sadistic joy of thee.

Polished to a pebble
Bit by little bit,
Jealousy, oh how thou revel
And – Jealousy – take delight in it.

Jealousy, the burn of thy speech
Crawls – Jealousy – down my neck,
While the treacheries thou preach
– Jealousy – Spiral out of check.

The smallest, little nothings
Bleed thick clouds of Jealousy,
This attracts covetous sharks to the stuffings
That sink to bottom of the Jealous sea.
The bubbles break “Jealousy, say Jealousy,
Say it thrice more times by three;
And thou will doubt Jealousy
As If Jealousy did doubt thee.”


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