Jealousy! Thou green-eyed fiend,
Why dost thou so love me?
Slowly, as away I’m gleaned,
I see the sadistic joy of thee.

Polished to a little pebble,
Bit by jealous bit,
Jealousy! Oh how thee revel,
And, Jealousy, take delight in it.

Thy tiniest little nothings
Bleed thick clouds of Jealousy,
Attracting Jealous sharks
To Jealous stuffings
Sinking to the darks
Of the Jealous sea.

But first, the bubbles break:
“Oh, Jealousy! Cry Jealousy!
I’ll cry thy name one last time – by three!
Damn Jealousy! Sweet Jealousy!
Thy Jealous gangreen has gotten me!”

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